The UXLocale Gallery

The support for our community goes well beyond the food we source.

As our seasons change, so too will the artwork on our dining room walls, all of which is created by local artists. By sharing the abundant talent in our own community, we hope to spark conversation as well as inspiration.

Anne Greene

Flora & Fauna on view February 14- April 29

Anne Greene is an artist who works with a camera. Her subject matter, flora and fauna. An area of photography that in a lesser hand has been trampled to a dismal cliché. That said, one look at her photographs, and you know beyond a doubt you are “Seeing” something comprehensibly very new. It is no less than a child experiencing a flower or animal up close for the first cognitive time; instantly—the world is a bigger and magical place. Anne’s photographs are powerful and yet delicate offerings to those willing to take time to look—really pause and look at each-individual-photograph. The result is an outstanding experience, reviving a primal sensation that, for most, has been dormant in our hearts, and more importantly, our collective souls. – Stephen DiRadoMore about Anne Green:

Past Exhibitions

Tim Furman and Kim Noonan

December/January 2017/18

Ambient photos by Kim Noonan, painter and graphic designer, and Tim Furman, graphic and web designer. Photographs from the local area, California, and Europe. Tim and Kim worked together in the Publications department at the Worcester Art Museum. They are currently accepting freelance graphic and web design projects.

More about Tim Furman:
More about Kim Noonan:

Tim Furman


Dennis Skeper

October 2017

Photography began as a therapy for me after an accident. It made me focus, challenge myself and peak my curiosity through a lens. I have a different perspective in capturing a photo in a wheelchair. I adapted a tripod to use with my wheelchair and have used this for 24 years in 28 states, Canada and the Caribbean. My photographic journey has been incredible and would like to encourage you to begin whatever journey you would like to pursue.

Veronica Fish

August-September 2017

Veronica Fish is a comic artist and illustrator. Her work has hung in galleries around the world an she continues to exhibit her pop-culture themed paintings at shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She is currently the artist on ARCHIE for Archie Comics and has drawn issues of Spider Woman for MARVEL comics. She lives in Worcester, Mass. with her husband Andy.

You can see more of her work at or follow her on Instagram at @itsveronicafish.​

Image: Cover Art for Over the Garden Wall, Veronica Fish, published by BOOM! Studios

Joanie Betterley

February-March 2017


Joanie Betterley began painting on a whim in 1997 when a friend in Maine asked her to take a Plein Air Watercolor painting class. She found that she liked it and then started taking Watercolor Painting Classes at the Worcester Art Museum with Bill Griffiths. The color intensity of acrylics became appealing, and has been her focus with Bill, her mentor, for the past 18 years. Bill is a color and light genius and Joanie is grateful to be learning from him every week.
“I realized right away that painting makes you appreciate the beauty of nature more. As you drive by a landscape, you can’t help but think about what colors are involved and how you would paint it. The other great thing about painting is that as long as I can do it, I’ll never, ever get bored. Plus, I get a great feeling of accomplishment from creating something. I like to surround myself with intense color and I can do that with paintings.”

Joanie displayed and sold prints of her watercolor paintings at Damariscotta Pottery in Damariscotta, Maine for 8 years; a new painting was done each year which featured their beautiful pottery. She has also shown acrylic paintings at the Maine Coast Artists Gallery in Friendship, Maine. One of her paintings is featured on the back cover of her son Jeremy’s folk rock album called “Cannonballs.”
Joanie prefers to paint colorful landscapes from photos she takes in Maine or other places that she and her husband Rick travel to. Joanie and Rick live in Sterling, MA and have two grown sons, Chip and Jeremy.

This show at The UXLocale is Joanie’s first solo show.


Donna Dufault

September 2016-January 2017

Donna Dufault has over 20 years of experience working in the photography industry. She has a BFA degree in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. She has worked at some of the best photographic printing labs in the country and with some of the top art photographers in the world. This experience coupled with years of gallery experience, running art marketing groups, curating shows, and co-coordinating photo workshops has given her a unique perspective into the fine art photography world.

​”I’m fascinated by the art of preparing food and the tools used to create it,” said Ms. Dufault. “The dents, scratches, cracks and patina all create beauty in their imperfections. I truly enjoy tracking down the tools, and documenting their vulnerability from human treatment.” The resulting images which are included in the show are sometimes very abstract imaginings, while others are more clearly about the objects themselves.